Software Developer

Software development with a vision of continuous and progressive improvement

S k i l l s

Development of new features, maintenance and testing of medium to big size projects in the bank, insurance, digital-payment and financial sector, both on the back-end and the front-end side using java for web applications. Both with Oracle and IBM jdk

Development and testing of web applications that extensively use Spring Boot and Spring Framework.

Development and testing of applications using maven as a dependency management and build tool.

Data description and data manipulation using Structured Query Language on various RDMS such as Oracle DB or IBM DB. Creation of new tables and queries used to write new features or test applications.

Use of ORM technologies such as Hybernate and MyBatis to map java object to database entities and prepare queries used by DAO objects in the data access layer.

Extended use of Xml on almost any web application where Soap Web Services are in place for data exchange and interoperability, also used in many tools and framewors such as maven and MyBatis.

Extended use of json in web applications that have REST APIs in place, frequently used in micro-services, is a well known format used to represent and exchange objects state.

Page structure, style and scripts using Html5, Css3 and JavaScript for web applications.

Use of python version 2.7 and 3 attending some python programming language, data science and machine learning courses on various online learning platforms. Seldom used to modify scripts in order to initialize application servers.

Use of SoapUI as the preferred tool to test SOAP web services and debug applications.

Use of Swagger for APIs documentation.

Use of Postman as the preferred tool to test REST API's and applications.

Use of tools for continuous integration (CI) such as git, svn and cvs for remote repositories and branches management.

Use of continuous delivery (CD) tools such as Jenkins for build automation.

SONARQUBE is a trademark belonging to SonarSource SA

Use of Sonar Cube to perform static code analysis and check that best practices have been taken into account.

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Daily use of different IDEs such as eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA to analyze, develop, debug and test applications.

Use of IBM WebSphere as an Application Server to run and debug applications.

Use of Azure DevOps Boards, Repos and Pipelines to manage task items, git repositories and deploy applications in different environments such as dev, test or production using CD/CI.

Use of docker to run and test micro-service based apps using containers or to run a database instance locally for development.

Use of Kubernetes to safely run and scale micro-services with containers also with the help of OpenShift.

A b o u t

"I am a passionate developer committed torward continuous and progressive improvement"

In 2014 I decided to give up with my previous job as maker of stringed instruments in order to deepen my interest in computer programming. Since then, with increasing enthusiasm, I dedicate my time in training myself in order to always acquire new skills.

"I am very motivated, and I prefer to relate with my colleagues in a spirit of sincere cooperation in order to achieve the set goals."

EF SET - 2018 - B2 Upper Intermediate (58/100)

I have always used english as a second language since I was very young and continue to use it every day at work, for documentation or when attending online courses .

R e a d i n g s

L e a r n i n g

  • Apache Kafka for Developers using Spring Boot[Latest Edition] (8 hours)
  • Docker Mastery: with Kubernetes + Swarm from a Docker Capitain (19.5 hours)
  • Java Enterprise Edition 8 for Beginner Course
  • Practical test Driven Development for Java Programmers
  • Spring Boot Microservices with Spring Cloud Beginner to Guru (38.5 hours)
  • Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial - Modules 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

W o r k

Analyst Developer

oct. 2018 - jun. 2022

sector: bank - insurance - digital-payments - finance

role: Java consultant

External Consultant

nov. 2021 - jun. 2022

sector: bank - finance

role: Java back-end with

Spring-Boot micro-services

External Consultant

june. 2021 - july 2021

sector: bank

role: Java back-end with Spring-Boot micro-services

External Consultant

feb 2021 - jun. 2021

sector: bank

role: Java front-end

External Consultant

sept.2020 - jan. 2021

sector: digital-payments

role: Java back-end with Spring-Boot

External Consultant

oct. 2018 - may 2020

sector: bank - insurance

role: Java full-stack

P o r t f o l i o

S o c i a l